what they say about us.


“Royal Street has been a great investment partner who has gone the extra mile for us whenever we’ve needed it. Moreover, unlike most investors, the Royal Street folks have actually signed the front of a paycheck before so they understand firsthand the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship, which allows for more relevant conversations and a deeper level of trust and collaboration.”

- sterling lanier, tonic


"My experience with the Royal Street Ventures team has been nothing but positive. They're our biggest fans, supporters, and one of the first people I want to consult with when things are tough. For me they're more than investors, they're truly a part of the Ardusat team."

- sunny washington, ardusat


“We knew Jeff and Laura would make a difference in our business the first time we met them.  All the right questions, always in the spirit of partnership and wanting to be helpful.  And they’ve always been available anytime we’ve wanted to talk.  They are the definition of smart, connected, helpful investors.” 

- john thomson, payit