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royal street ventures.

Redefining Early Stage Investing from Park City to kansas city.



where we invest.

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Strong entrepreneurs

We believe in investing in highly ethical, smart-working listeners who seek committed partners to help them build their businesses. 

early investment

We are most often part of the first “organized money” invested in companies. We expect our companies to have customers beyond the founders’ uncle or their best friends.


problem complexity

As early-stage investors, we love to make good ideas into great companies. The company we invest in on Day 1 will likely look very different on Day 2. We’re looking for great entrepreneurs, not sectors.


central geography

We invest in companies based in the Mountain West and Midwest with select engagements in the Pacific Northwest and California. If we can’t be on-site with a company in three hours, we can’t be a good partner.



what we bring.

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It's not just capital. We go directly to work on behalf of our portfolio companies to accelerate immediate opportunities to succeed and to create new opportunities for future growth.

  • Building strong hiring processes? Check.
  • Refining key metrics? Absolutely. 
  • Build a better back office. We're serious experts here.

  • Tackle that pesky compensation plan. We've been there.

  • Find great and cost effective vendors. Why start from scratch?

  • Meet new customers. Our rolodex is packed.


We look for real people with real ideas running real businesses.