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why we do what we do.

Our family legacy includes standing up retail and media ventures, because in 1895 Sears and CBS were the ventures of the day...yes, we go back that far. Our core team was motivated to be the ones that bring the tradition of standing up the new industries of the day. We've now expanded our reach to include outside LPs, new team members, and a broad portfolio of successful companies.



what we invest in.

As we cover a wide geography, it's critical we stick to a core investment thesis. 


company with revenue

We love real businesses and one criteria for that is you must have a customer base that extends beyond your besties and Uncle Fred.


most verticals

We are pretty vertical agnostic, but are not able to dive into med tech, pharma, or ad tech. We just don't add a lot of value there. 

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early stage

We love investing between $100-$1M in early stage companies in rounds between $750K to $5M.


middle of the country

We're kids from the middle of the country and love building the ecosystem we came from, so if you're from anywhere between the coasts, please be in touch.

our process.



screener call for fit

partner meeting to review




How to Get In Front of Us.

We aren't afraid of those we don't know. In fact, we subscribe to the more the merrier. If you fit our criteria for investment, we want to hear from you.

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